The Vision and Core Values of Request Network

Alex Stoicescu

Jun 16, 2024

12 min.

The Vision and Core Values of Request Network


Our core values of efficiency, interoperability, ownership, and security are not just fancy concepts we dream about—these are real requirements that drive how we do everything at Request Network. All our innovation puts these safety nets into place to ensure our efforts create a fair, open, and available financial world. Below, we’ll summarize our vision and core values and provide examples, mostly from the more mature Web2 industry.


The Request Network vision is optimistic about decentralizing financial power, where the power and control of money are transferred from centralized institutions to the individual. In this vision of the future, the individual owns and controls their financial history, unlike the current regime where large corporations take possession of user data and either sell it to the highest bidder or use it to gain more power over users by not allowing them to move their data and use another platform. The next paragraphs will explore how moving the financial system on-chain can lay the foundation for our vision of what’s to come.

Efficiency - streamlining financial operations

Efficiency in financial services is critical for cost reduction, time savings, and overall UX enhancements. At Request Network, we enable efficient financial services through the blockchain, which automates many financial operations and reduces the need for manual interventions. This speeds up payment processing not only a lot but also dramatically reduces room for error. Secure smart contracts ensure that transactions are automated and executed when certain predetermined conditions are met, making financial operations more efficient. 

For instance, in the Web2 world, we see these efficiencies provided by platforms like Stripe. Stripe revolutionized the online payments world by providing easy-to-integrate APIs that automate many aspects of transaction processing for businesses. This automation lets businesses focus on growing their business rather than understanding the intricacies of payment processing. Similarly, we also see Amazon's innovative use of AI and automation in logistics and supply chain management, where we can see how efficiency can be dramatically improved through technology and, in this particular case, it reduces delivery times and costs. 

Request Network is aiming to redefine financial efficiency. By focusing on automation, we ensure that financial operations are accelerated, cost-efficient, and error-free. Our infrastructure automates numerous financial operations, including payment requests, tracking, receipts, invoicing, and billing. These records seamlessly integrate with accounting systems, generating entries without manual intervention. Blockchain’s immutability establishes data integrity, preventing both accidental errors and fraudulent activities. This enables continuous automatic audits, a significant improvement from traditional sample-based auditing, and paves the way for triple-entry accounting, enhancing security and efficiency.

Interoperability - seamless integration of financial services

Interoperability is key for an integrated financial ecosystem. At Request Network, we ensure that all of the applications on our ecosystem can work together and share data so that a user can seamlessly access and manage his or her financial data across all platforms without any inconvenience, all while working in a decentralized manner. This adds value to and improves user experience in the Request Network ecosystem because now everyone will have a unified financial interface, no matter which application they use.

In the Web2 industry, a good example of interoperability is the integration capabilities of tools such as Zapier that have been developed. Zapier allows users to connect and automate work between tools, allowing for the seamless sharing of data between tools and increased productivity. The G Suite provided by Google also offers interoperable features between different Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar tools, to name a few, that let users move without friction from service to service without any loss of context or data.

Request Network's interoperability commitment guarantees that users take maximum advantage of our decentralized ecosystem, accessing and controlling their information between various applications without any hassle. Interoperability is intended to make financial management easier and ensure that users can make informed choices by having all the details of their financial standing at their disposal.

Data Ownership - empowering people

At Request Network, we empower our users by allowing them to control their transactions directly on the blockchain, providing autonomy and security. Moreover, we're keen on and working towards the ability to selectively share your data with various financial companies.

What’s a better demonstration of ownership than GDPR? The introduction of GDPR in the EU in 2018 was a pivotal moment for data ownership on a global scale. It requires companies to collect and process personal data with clear consent and, importantly, for legitimate purposes. This regulation has encouraged others to work on similar legislation in their regions and/or countries, reflecting a growing global consensus on the importance of data ownership. To further exemplify the power of data ownership, let’s look at Open Banking, which relies on using APIs to share financial data between banks and service providers. By allowing customers to share their financial data with trusted apps, open banking would let you effortlessly find the best deals and services - just like having a personalized financial advisor at your fingertips.

As Web3 becomes essential to financial services, the emphasis on user ownership will surely grow. Consumers are becoming more aware of their data rights and demanding greater control, changing how companies build & offer their services.

Security - build trust using technology

Security is a crucial aspect of Request Network's approach to DeFi - we offer a secure and transparent platform through blockchain technology where users can depend on the technology and not rely on centralized institutions such as banks as long as they confirm their operations. The inherent properties of blockchain, such as immutability and decentralization, help reduce financial fraud and provide a permanent, tamper-proof record of all financial transactions.

In the Web2 space, there are many examples of increased security, however, most rely on a 2-factor authentication process. As Request Network continues to deploy security measures, we take one step further by deploying the advanced security measures of the blockchain. Triple-entry accounting, for example, can offer further verification and transparency with financial records. Our users can enjoy the peace of mind that their financial history is immutable and secure, and with that peace of mind comes further confidence in the decentralized financial ecosystem. By creating trust through technology, we can create a secure and secure financial system for users to have confidence in taking control of their financial futures without worrying about fraud or data breaches.

Looking towards the future

Whether sending a payment request or managing your financial data, the Request Network infrastructure ensures efficiency, interoperability, complete user control over data, and thorough security measures.

These values guide our development process and ensure that our growth and expansion continue to benefit all participants in the financial ecosystem. 

Be a part of our vision and join the discussions we have at Request Network as we march toward a more ethical, transparent, user-owned, and inclusive financial future - 

Explore how our blockchain technology sets new standards in decentralized finance and discover how you can be a part of this revolutionary change -  

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