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Mar 6, 2024

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We live in an era where a "new internet financial system" is being built. The recent collaboration between Circle and Nubank, aimed at bringing millions of Nubank customers onto blockchain-powered financial services, marks the beginning of limitless opportunities. As the adoption grows, it is essential to have robust security measures and operational efficiency in place.

Request Network offers developers unprecedented opportunities to create Web3 invoicing applications prioritizing security, transparency, and efficiency. This post encourages developers to explore building innovative Web3 invoicing applications enabled by Request Network’s versatile infrastructure.

Integrated Payment Gateways with Customizable Invoicing Features

Request Network has a highly flexible payment gateway that supports multiple blockchains and tokens. This makes it possible to create advanced payment solutions that merge cryptocurrency payments with invoice generation and management in a seamless manner. With features like batch invoicing, Swap-to-Pay, Swap-to-Conversion, and Escrow, users can choose the best payment solution that suits their needs. 

For example, Request Network can be used for B2B transactions to provide a user-friendly and streamlined payment experience. The payment gateway can facilitate payments, automatically generate invoices, and maintain an immutable record of all transactions on the blockchain, thereby enhancing transparency and trust between partners, suppliers, and regulators/auditors. 

Moreover, Request Network offers a highly customizable invoicing infrastructure. dApps built on Request Network can tailor everything from invoicing cycle to payment methods to meet their specific requirements–whether it's incorporating privacy settings for invoicing history, adding smart contract conditions, or enabling automatic tax calculations.

Powering Web3 Invoicing For Accounting Software

The integration of Web3 invoicing with existing accounting software is a significant step forward in financial operations. This integration enables businesses to join the blockchain era without compromising security or efficiency. By automating the reconciliation process and tracking payments in real-time, this integration marks a revolutionary shift in accounting practices. It offers new options to businesses in the traditional realm that were not possible before, such as automating invoice generation upon completion of services or delivery of goods, ensuring timely and accurate billing processes.

For instance, companies within the supply chain can utilize Web3 invoicing to carry out seamless transactions between suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers. The immutable record-keeping ensures transparency and trust in trade relationships, facilitating smoother operations and timely payments. 

Additionally, BSOS is building on top of Request Network and offering invoice factoring to revolutionize the supply chain sector. BSOS uses Web3 invoicing history to improve cash flow and working capital for buyers and suppliers in the supply chain and “solve the asset liquidity problem”.

DeFi Apps with Integrated Invoicing Features

In digital finance, NFT marketplaces and platforms that deal with real-world asset sales and rentals can greatly benefit from integrating invoicing features. This can help improve transaction transparency and efficiency. Sellers can furnish asset information, price details, and a comprehensive transaction history by providing detailed invoices for NFT sales. This builds buyer confidence and makes record-keeping easier, which is particularly useful when a business entity or a DAO is the purchaser.

Similarly, platforms that sell or rent tokenized real-world assets such as real estate, art, and collectibles can also have built-in invoicing features. By allowing sellers or renters to issue invoices directly within the app, these platforms can simplify tokenized asset transactions and provide a seamless experience for both parties involved.

Grantors, grantees, and proofs of disbursement

In Web3, the backbone of building is enabled using grants. Any competitive L1 offers one or more incentives for research and development to grow their ecosystems as fast as possible.

During the process, the grantees evaluate the tech, ease of implementation, and support while the grantor checks the team's expertise, business use-case relevancy, and probability of success.

Once the process is completed, funds are disbursed.

Whether the payment is released based on milestones, as a lump sum, or continuously streamed, there must be an immutable way to record the settlement. The native Web3 way is to create a request for payment. Using Request Network, builders can create invoicing dApps that will replace back-and-forth efforts and emailed PDFs.

Enabling a Wider Spectrum of Financial Transactions

Request Network offers a variety of invoicing features that cater to the diverse needs of today's digital and crypto economies.

Recurring invoices automate the billing process for subscription-based models, ensuring seamless access for users and consistent revenue streams for service providers. This feature is particularly useful for SaaS platforms, membership sites, and any service offering periodic access to content or tools.

Streamed invoices and Superfluid revolutionize payment schedules by allowing for incremental, real-time payments. This is especially beneficial for freelancers working on ongoing projects as it enables a steady cash flow that mirrors traditional employment while offering the flexibility of freelance work. 

OTC (Over-The-Counter) invoices unlock the potential for high-value, customized transactions outside of standard exchange mechanisms. This is crucial for sectors like real estate, where tokenized assets require bespoke transaction terms, or in the P2P DeFi space for large-scale crypto block trades that demand privacy and specific conditions.

Innovative Web3 Invoicing Applications on Request Network

There has never been a better time to build the next generation of invoicing applications. Whether you want to integrate invoicing features into DeFi apps or explore new crypto invoicing applications, Request Network provides the tools and resources to turn your ideas into reality.

Join us in reshaping the future of invoicing. Explore our developer documentation, connect with our community, and start building on Request Network today. Together, we can unlock new possibilities in Web3 invoicing and beyond.

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