Request Fund Investment Program

Alexandru Stoicescu

Mar 12, 2022

14 min.

Dear Request community 👋

We’re excited to be officially re-launching the Request Fund, an initiative of the Request Foundation to lead the decentralization of world trades through a triple-entry payment system.

Following the success and continued adoption of Request Finance as a web3 invoicing payment solution, we are currently looking to accompany and financially support new builders using Request technology.

Read on to find out more about what the Request Fund entails, how to qualify for it, and how you can apply for it.


The Request Fund is an open investment program that supports projects building a financial system that promotes transparency and real-time reporting.

It aims to support early stage projects on Request by bootstrapping initial product development, providing technical support and providing a gateway into its diversified web3 ecosystem.

If the project fits into the designated criteria and aligns with Request mission, you will be considered a candidate for the program. The funds will be dispersed to facilitate the launch, scaling and time to market of your project.

Accepted projects will benefit from the entire Request team’s expertise. Additionally, you’ll also benefit from our brand, network and reach.

Request Fund Program Benefits

1. Domain expertise

You will be accompanied by accomplished web3 industry leaders and our network of mentors, entrepreneurs, developers and other service providers will help you navigate the main challenges you’ll face building for web3.

2. Technical support

Accepted projects will receive technical support and assistance from core developers of Request.

3. Ecosystem gateway

Benefit from instant access to reputable DeFi, DAO, Metaverse and other web3 companies within the Request ecosystem.

4. VC introductions

Projects may also be connected within our network of venture capital firms that could potentially secure future financing rounds.


Your projects must meet the following focus areas to qualify for funding considerations;

  • Accounting (Crypto/Fiat accounting software)

  • Payroll

  • Expense management

  • Real time tax collection

  • Ecommerce

  • Payment facilities (escrow, factoring)

  • Tools & Analytics (DeFi protocols trackers, Dashboards, analytics,etc.)

  • Education and Community Engagement Projects

Program Application Journey

Step1: Submit Fund Application

Submit the application for the Request Fund Investment via the link below. Make sure you thoroughly complete the application form and clearly state how your project will contribute to the Request ecosystem.

Also, fill in the form as diligently as possible as this will be the only information reviewed by the Request team to decide upon funding acceptance.

Step2: Request Team Preliminary Due Diligence

Your application will be reviewed by the Request team who will be performing a preliminary due diligence on the project.

Step3: Meet Request Team

If your project passes the Request team preliminary due diligence, your team will be invited to an interview with the Request team, to discuss the project plan (timeline, milestones, outcomes) and support needed.

Step4: Project Accepted/Denied

The Request team will perform a final review and final due diligence of the project based on the application and the interview. All applicants will be notified whether their application has been accepted or denied.

Why build on Request

Request is a decentralized network that allows anyone to request a peer-to-peer payment (invoices, salaries, expenses) and be paid in a secure way. All of the information is stored in a decentralized authentic ledger. Request is blockchain agnostic, and integrates with 10+ blockchains.

Key Features

  • Blockchain-agnostic: Different payment scenarios are already deployed and used on 10+ EVM blockchains as well as Near.

  • Invoice on blockchain: The only decentralized network where everyone can broadcast invoices on a public ledger. (access to real-time accounting)

  • Data Encryption: Encryption allows ownership of data & payment requests broadcasted on the network can be encrypted end-to-end, with flexible access permissions system.

  • Composable: Web3 companies speak the same payment language, composability is key for the rest of the finance and accounting stack.

  • Real-time account-receivables/payables: Eliminate the time and resource-intensive reconciliation exercise for accounting and audit.

  • Verifiable payment behavior and reputation: Onchain payment pattern and credit history improves the confidence of vendors.

  • Easiest way to pay a fiat amount: With payment requests denominated in fiat, everyone can use conversion to crypto made on payment with on-chain price oracles.

  • APIs: Use our API keys as a payment gateway and compliant invoicing solution. ( See how RealT, the real estate platform, allows customers to pay in stablecoins using Request API)

Apply Now

If you think you meet the above requirements and are interested in building on top of Request technology and contribute to the ecosystem, please fill form below;

Apply here: Request Fund Investment Program Application Form

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