Request Connector Content Contest – Invoice Factoring

Alexandru Stoicescu

May 13, 2024

2 min.

Request Network Connector is an initiative to connect siloed financial systems under traditional finance to an interoperable and composable model under DeFi. The objective is to promote and collectively build on use cases other than just paying and being paid in crypto.

It consists of a series of campaigns aimed at showcasing the capabilities of the Request Network protocol.

The 1st campaign focuses on Invoice Factoring , a financing process whereby a business sells its unpaid invoices to a third-party company to get early access to payments and improve their cash flow.

Request Network is being upgraded to add an NFT invoicing feature, allowing the NFT owner to sell the invoice receivable to any willing buyer.

An invoice minted as an NFT on the protocol represents a verifiable title of ownership. The data captured in the NFT allows one to check the payment pattern and history, and when transferred to a willing buyer, provides assurance on the credit risk.

To encourage the adoption of Invoice Factoring built on the newly added NFT invoicing capability, we are organizing a content contest to harness the collective intelligence of our community.

Anyone is free to participate, and the top 5 submissions will be rewarded in REQ tokens.

The Details

The objective of the contest is to build top-of-mind awareness about the protocol, by explaining the financial service ‘Invoice Factoring’ under the web3 principles through high-quality pieces of content.

All types of content are accepted – articles, animated videos, diagrams, infographics, presentations, etc. The focus should be on educating about the Request Network protocol, its features, and how they work.

The total campaign reward for Invoice Factoring will be 10,000 REQ for the top 5 submissions, and more depending on content quality. Rewards will be distributed as per below;

Winner 1 = 3,500 REQ + Request Merch
Winner 2 = 2,500 REQ + Request Merch
Winner 3 = 2,000 REQ + Request Merch
Winner 4 = 1,500 REQ + Request Merch
Winner 5 = 500 REQ + Request Merch

How to Submit

To submit your work, please tweet a link to your content with a small description, and fill out this form with the link to your tweet:

Make sure to tag @RequestNetwork and use the hashtag #RequestConnector, and we shall be retweeting the best submissions.

The deadline for submitting your content on Invoice Factoring is the 20th December 2022, and the winners will be announced shortly after.

Knowledge base to help you:

If you have any questions about the contest or require additional information about the protocol, feel free to reach out in the 🔄request-connector channel of our Discord.

Good luck and we can’t wait to be blown away by your creativity and simplicity ✨

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