Joba – a decentralized talent marketplace’s journey

Alex Stoicescu

Sep 20, 2023

4 min.

The cryptocurrency and blockchain technology world is a hotbed of innovation, promising to reshape our work and everyday transactions. Joba, a web3 talent marketplace set to change the game, is at the heart of this revolution. Let’s dive into Joba’s story, vision, and impact as shared by its CEO and co-founder, Marisa McKnight.

How did it all begin?

Joba’s journey began in the early days of crypto, around 2016/2017 when Marisa was deeply immersed in Bitcoin and Ethereum. At that time, cryptocurrencies promised to decentralize transactions and redefine the financial landscape. Marisa was working in a CEX, witnessing the appearance of regulations in the crypto space.

However, she soon realized that the true essence of the crypto ecosystem extended far beyond exchanges. The collaborative nature of the community, the need for specialized talent, and the challenge of working across borders were obstacles that needed to be overcome. Traditional platforms like LinkedIn and UpWork didn’t cater to crypto and web3 professionals’ unique needs.

Marisa’s journey took her to Bangkok, where she met Toby, her co-founder and CTO. Together, they imagined a platform to empower people to harness online opportunities, connect with like-minded individuals, and achieve flexible work arrangements. Thus, Joba was born.

What are the core challenges Joba solves?

Joba tackles three fundamental challenges in the web3 space:

  1. Hiring and verification: finding and verifying skilled professionals is challenging in the decentralized world. Joba simplifies this process.

  2. Work management and payments: freelancers and contractors often struggle to manage their work and receive payments promptly. Joba streamlines this aspect of online work.

  3. Access to financial services: those with irregular online income often need help accessing traditional financial services like loans. Joba aims to bridge this gap.

What is the real-world impact of Joba?

Joba transcends geographical boundaries, enabling collaboration regardless of nationality or time zone. It emphasizes global recognition of credentials and reputation, not just where you reside. This inclusivity makes Joba a platform for anyone seeking opportunities in the crypto and web3 space.

How does Joba leverage Request Network?

Joba leverages Request Network for processing invoices and on-chain payments. This integration simplifies transactions and provides a secure and transparent way to handle payments within the platform. Using Request Network helps solve two core challenges, as Joba users can safely and promptly get paid and access financial services offered by other builders in the Request Network ecosystem.

What’s in the future for Joba?

The future of Joba looks promising! The platform plans to aggregate credentials from other platforms, introduce premium services such as escrow, and expand its range of payment methods. The Joba founder further mentioned that they are working towards partnerships with various governments to enable a seamless working & living experience for everyone. These enhancements will further empower users in the crypto and web3 ecosystem.

What security measures does the Joba platform employ?

Currently, Joba ensures the security of user funds by employing non-custodial practices. Funds are not at risk, and the platform maintains separate environments for testing, staging, and production with restricted access. Plans include building a decentralized network of relayers for dispute resolution and enhancing reputation metadata to ensure on-chain safety.

Community incentives and adoption plans?

Joba values its early adopters and plans to reward them based on their experience with contracts “Verified by Joba.” Additionally, there are plans to introduce referral incentive mechanisms to create a user-owned network that rewards those actively participating in the platform.

Join the Joba revolution!

In closing, if you’re seeking web3 talent or looking to embark on a journey in the web3 space, Joba is your go-to platform. It’s a place where innovation meets opportunity, where individuals from diverse backgrounds can collaborate seamlessly. Joba’s commitment to decentralization, security, and community-building sets it apart in the evolving world of the future-of-work platforms. Use REQUEST as your code and sign up right now!

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