Ecosystem Update - October 2023

Alex Stoicescu

Nov 15, 2023

5 min.

Greetings, Request Network community!

Welcome to the Request Network ecosystem update for October 2023.

The Ecosystem Update focuses on protocol usage and our vision to build an ecosystem of decentralized apps for payment requests. Here, you will find our ecosystem updates, major news, announcements, and anything else that interests the community.

The current ecosystem built around the Request Network protocol includes the following builders: Huma Finance (lending and borrowing), Joba Network (future-of-work hiring platform), BSOS (supply chain financing), Copra Finance (lending and borrowing), FLock (machine-learning credit scoring) and Request Finance (invoicing and payroll). If you’re interested in what we are building together with the previously mentioned companies and want to share your vision with us, don’t hesitate to apply to our grants program.

Tech update

Add SDK Package Reference to the Request Network Documentation

We deployed the SDK Package Reference in October: to the Request Network documents.

This was the most requested improvement from the ETHBarcelona and ETHWarsaw hackathons.

At ETHRome, the questions and feedback from hackers were related to more advanced Request Network features, indicating that the docs helped provide a better understanding of the basic features of our protocol.

We chose to write the reference by hand instead of using an autodocs style tool so that the reference includes only the most relevant details and avoids being an exact copy of the code.

Remove legacy indexing

In October, the Request Finance team helped to drastically reduce complexity in the Request Network SDK by removing the legacy indexing in the Request Node, in favor of using The Graph indexing. The legacy indexing was custom code in the Request Node used for indexing on-chain payment events and joining them with request contents stored in IPFS. All of this was replaced by our storage-subgraph and payments-subgraph which perform the same task much more efficiently than the custom indexing code.

Pull Request:



This was also a critical first step towards future refactorings that should make the SDK more modular, allowing users to include only the features they require.

Highlights from September

ETHRome hackathon

The Request Network team was present on-site for the first web3 Italian hackathon, ETHRome, between the 6th and 8th of October. We offered a bounty worth $4000, split into two prizes of $3000 and $1000, for the hackers who best used the Request Network protocol. Congratulations to the Roman Receipts team for winning the first prize with their innovative use of Request Network, Railgun, and Azuro to create private invoices, which can be gambled away once paid. Check out the after-movie of the entire event here.

Asian ETH events tour

Thanks to our marketing lead, Alexandru Popescu, the Request Network team was present at ETH Kuala Lumpur between the 13th and 15th of October and at ETH HongKong between the 22nd and 24th of October. Since our on-site presence was a one-man marketing army, we’ve limited our efforts to making contacts and promoting our grants program for ecosystem growth. The result of these efforts will be seen in the coming months, as we now have quite a few projects in the grants pipeline, projects with a specific focus on Asia or with Asian founders.

X (Twitter) ecosystem builder spaces

To further spotlight the ecosystem builders we gave grants to, we hosted a few X (Twitter) spaces and will continue to do so with each new grant recipient. You can tune in to the following recordings:

Expect more to come, with the added benefit of listening to them on our Youtube channel.

REQ token burn

We performed a token burn on the 12th of October worth $1779, with 15,417 REQ tokens sent to the burn address. This brings the total number of tokens burned to almost 300,000, according to the Req.Network dashboard. The team will now perform the token burn every month while looking into ways to increase the number of burned tokens.


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We inspire and educate developers, partners, and authorities to use Request Network and build an open-source, seamless, and interoperable.

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