The protocol for payment requests

Transactions on Request Network are immutably recorded and requests are processed without an intermediary. Companies and individuals pay & get paid in digital currencies on many payment networks, including Ethereum, Polygon, Gnosis Chain, Celo, Fantom, and NEAR.


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Request Finance

Manage all your crypto transactions in one place. A suite of financial tools to make your life easier - crypto organizations & freelancers use Request App for invoices, expenses, payroll, and accounting.
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Huma Finance

Start factoring your Request invoices and obtain up to 80% immediate financing to improve your cash flow.
Start factoring your receivables.

Copra Finance

On-chain income-based financing, allows individuals and organizations to collateralize their on-chain future income as an NFT.
Get loans backed by your on-chain income.

Payment experiences should be free from artificial barriers imposed by closed ecosystems.

We work together with leading innovators and organizations in the decentralized financial (DeFi) ecosystem to create seamless financial experiences.

Every month, activity on the Request Network reaches a new all-time high.


Request – What is the Request network?

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