FLock – pioneering web3 machine learning

Alex Stoicescu

Oct 7, 2023

4 min.

We had the privilege of sitting down with Jiahao Sun, the founder of FLock, to uncover their remarkable journey in decentralized AI and machine learning.

How did it all begin?

FLock’s inception can be traced back to a gathering of AI and Blockchain enthusiasts who discovered a perfect synergy in decentralized AI. The name encapsulates their vision – a fusion of Federated Learning and Blockchain, forming the powerful entity FLock.

A team of extraordinary talent steers FLock’s journey: Oxford University alumni, five computer science PhDs, and four seasoned AI and blockchain engineers, this team embodies dedication to decentralization and privacy. Together, they are crafting the future of machine learning.


What are the core challenges FLock solves?

One of the fundamental challenges in machine learning is the seemingly irreconcilable conflict between collaborative cooperation and privacy protection. FLock defies this paradox by seamlessly integrating Blockchain technology into the Federated Learning framework. The result? AI is empowered by rewarding data contributions, effectively bridging the gap between collaboration and privacy.


What is the real-world impact of FLock?

FLock’s potential extends to the real world, particularly in the healthcare industry. Imagine diabetes management through health trackers and glucose prediction models. With FLock, you can deploy and train such models on your device, enhancing algorithm performance while maintaining individual privacy – a game-changer.


How does FLock leverage Request Network?

The partnership between FLock and Request Network aims to harness the wealth of invoice data processed through the Request Network protocol to develop under-collateralized lending. FLock’s technology resolves the credit score conundrum by issuing soulbound tokens (SBT) linked to real-world IDs and implementing a hybrid credit score process using machine learning.


What’s in the future for FLock?

The future holds exciting prospects for FLock:

  • Testnet: FLock’s testnet is now live! Users can experience the potential of collaborative machine learning and contribute to advancing this groundbreaking technology.


  • DeFi integration with Request Network: FLock and Request Network are set to reshape DeFi credit models, reducing collateral rates and enhancing the efficiency of financial transactions.


  • Global hackathon tour: FLock is embarking on a global hackathon tour across cities like Singapore, London, Rio, Hong Kong, Istanbul, and Melbourne. Developers worldwide are invited to innovate and integrate FLock into diverse applications, pushing the boundaries of machine learning possibilities.


  • Upcoming collaborations and features: FLock’s commitment to innovation remains unwavering. Stay tuned for more strategic partnerships, platform updates, and revolutionary features in the pipeline!


What security measures does the FLock platform employ?

FLock prioritizes user privacy with features like local data processing, ensuring that personal data remains confidential. Leveraging blockchain technology, FLock establishes tamper-resistant transaction records and data validation. A permissionless approach guarantees security independently of human intervention, relying solely on technology.


Community incentives and adoption plans?

FLock is committed to its community of early adopters. With various campaigns and an early adopter program, they actively engage users in their testnet, fostering a vibrant ecosystem around their transformative technology.


Final word

As we conclude our journey through the world of FLock, we invite you to join this transformative movement. Contribute, innovate, and help shape the future of machine learning with FLock – the early adopter program is now live. The journey has just begun, and the possibilities are limitless!

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