Tax Collection

Improving the tax system

Automatically collect taxes and combat tax fraud


Reduce fraud

Governments can reduce tax fraud by using an invoicing system built with Request. These invoices can be pre-programmed to automatically collect taxes at the source, and send them directly to the treasury. This improves the government cash flow in a way that makes tax collection easy for businesses.

Request is an open network that enables the creation, exchange and processing of requests for payments.

Being interconnected and integrating related financial flow information, traditional finance becomes smart. This opens a wide range of new possibilities for electronic invoicing.

What is the Request network?

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  1. Connecting with Request

    For countries already using a national e-invoicing system, contact us on how we can help make it effective nationally and internationally.
  2. Build a solution

    For countries considering a national e-invoicing system, we can help you build a solution that is ready for the present and the future.
  3. Paradigm

    Note: Automated tax collection is a new paradigm. Let’s work together to define your needs to make a more efficient system.

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