Payer Reputation

Decrease business risks

An infrastructure to recognize good payers and detect bad payers


Reputation score

Accessible data of individuals and business payment history is used to model a payment reputation score. This reputation score can help a business better define if the relationship is high or low risk, and architect the business contracts based off of this information. Things like timeliness of past-payments, outstanding debt and existing capital are all taken into account.

Request is an open network that enables the creation, exchange and processing of requests for payments.

Being interconnected and integrating related financial flow information, traditional finance becomes smart. This opens a wide range of new possibilities for electronic invoicing.

OLD_What is the Request network?

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  1. Rating payers

    Payment data is available on the network to anonymously rate individuals payment history through the use of Request invoicing technology.
  2. Define KPIs

    This data can be used to build your own payment reputation models using key performance indicators that are important to your business. More usage results in a more accurate prediction model.
  3. Connect

    If you are interested in better understanding who you do business with, contact our team so that we can outline a plan for your company.

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