Financial Transparency

Empowering people

Combat institutional corruption with more transparency for public institutions


Reduce corruption

Creating accountability is the first step towards fighting corruption, and it starts with having access to the right information. The data from systems run on Request can be permissioned to allow access to the public.

Request is an open network that enables the creation, exchange and processing of requests for payments.

Being interconnected and integrating related financial flow information, traditional finance becomes smart. This opens a wide range of new possibilities for financial transparency.

What is the Request network?

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  1. Connect to API

    Plug your accounting systems into Request using the API. Get in contact with us so we can assist you in setting up your system.
  2. Set data permissions

    Set your data permissions to the level of transparency you want.
  3. Start sharing

    The system automatically pulls the most up-to-date information to be used by citizens and other actors like journalists or data scientists.

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