Electronic Invoicing

Efficient financial flows

More easily manage a business with smart invoicing


Single source of truth

Request provides a single source of truth for invoicing, ensuring books are balanced in real-time for any payment type. This means that whether the invoice is paid with a credit card, bank wire, ACH or cryptocurrency, the payment status is always accessible and up to date. This eliminates logistical delays, such as payments made but not received, by giving trading partners access to perfect information.

Request is an open network that enables the creation, exchange and processing of requests for payments.

Being interconnected and integrating related financial flow information, traditional finance becomes smart. This opens a wide range of new possibilities for electronic invoicing.

What is the Request network?

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  1. Plug to Request

    Plug your system to Request to start storing your record of invoices on the open network for transaction requests.
  2. Program invoices

    Program your own smart invoice features, or use any of the out-of-the-box solutions to start getting paid.

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