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Are you a freelance content writer? Help us in contributing to the Request Blog, Learning Center and Support Portal by creating and updating educational articles, useful documentations, tutorials, development guides and tools.

Content needs to be tailored for the Request users, product use cases, DeFi organizations, contractors/freelancers and enthusiasts.

Some example of content topics to be developed are the following:

  • The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Decentralized Finance
  • How to do business in crypto as a company or freelancer
  • Dealing with crypto tax compliance (for companies and freelancers)
  • The ultimate crypto accounting guide (for companies and freelancers)
  • The ultimate guide to crypto wallet
  • How to invoice in Bitcoin, Ethereum, DAI and more
  • The 10 best DeFi companies to work for
  • DeFi recruiting : The complete guide of hiring
  • Women in DeFi : Profile of most important women in DeFi
  • And more …

You should have the following background/experience:

  • Knowledge in crypto, blockchain, and DeFi industry
  • Familiar with Request, its mission, product and users
  • Excited to contribute to the Request community and its resources
  • Excellent written, copywriting and communication skills
  • Fluent English Speaker
  • Collaborative and used to working with a team
  • Need to provide examples of articles written, preferably around blockchain, FinTech, and/or Finance and Accounting

  1. Submit your application
  2. We review your application for approval
  3. We provide you a list of topics to write about and the content brief
  4. You select one topic and understand its requirements
  5. We finalize an agreement in terms of deadline, deliveries and payment

Upon finishing your task (article) successfully, we will reward you based on our agreement in $REQ and/or in other digital currencies agreed upon. You will be required to use Request Invoicing to send us an invoice.

Submit your application with the below link: