Communication Policy

These guidelines clarify what the public communication of Request should address. The official channel for public communication is We also use Reddit, Discord and Slack on a frequent basis to be in touch with adopters/users, while using other social media channels to spread awareness. 

Different audiences with different expectations discover the project or follow up on our progress, and we try to be clear to each. As the same channels can be used by early birds, developers and future users, we follow a communication strategy that balances transparency and positive tone. Here is our policy:


Be candid

  • We are transparent in the ideas we pursue, the solutions we want to build and the technical challenges we face
  • When information has deemed a risk for the project (typically because of competition), we may hold the information from the public until it is safe to be disclosed.
  • Timing: considering future users and clients, announcements depend on the products communication strategy. Work in progress of existing products and known features is communicated every two weeks. For new products and feature launches, the information can be disclosed anytime between the first lines of code and the actual release.


Focused on our mission, giving relevant information

  • For organisational matters such as new recruitments and/or switching positions, we may batch announcements. The success of the project is the most important and is the main focus of our announcements. The duration limit on batching organisational matters is set to 3 months.
  • Communication is more useful when it is straight-forward and well-targeted. This blog’s audience is diverse and the content represents this.
  • Some information is only disclosed to partners.



  • Roadmaps: What are the priorities and why
    • There are two reasons why we share our roadmaps, attracting new users and getting their input and feedback. In this direction, we can sometimes communicate publicly, and sometimes keep information private to our partners. We maximize our public communication because of the traction it creates, but like any tech company, we may pick the right timing for some news to be disclosed. In this regard, some work in progress is not public.
    • Developers and active users can participate in the selection of priorities by sharing their ideas and needs on the Request Hub (Slack) or on our Discord
  • Overall Progress and ETA when applicable
    • ETAs should not be used by anyone to stimulate REQ’s value. ETAs are purely given for an informative purpose and are always subject to change.


Organisational Topics

We also bring transparency on these internal topics:

  • Finance
    • The token economics is, of course, public (cost /transaction, fees, burn update)
    • The content and any information contained therein, does not constitute a recommendation by Request to buy, sell, or hold any security, financial product or instrument referenced in the content of our blog.
  • Teams
    • We communicate about:
      • Recruitment of management team members
      • The departure of key people like the management team and public figures
    • Open positions, when publicly available, are updated on