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At Request, we believe that success comes from identifying personal values and embedding these in the way we work together. As a team, as a community, and with the world. Values drive our deepest motivations and define who we are and what we stand for.

We are are a remote-first company with talent distributed globally. We are a highly ambitious team of self-starters and thrive on working to solve problems while staying autonomous in our roles. By cultivating our unique points of view, we can boost innovation – a key factor for success in this new frontier of blockchain technology.

Let’s achieve something great together.

Achievement is what gives us the motivation to wake up every day. Seeing the energy, heart and soul you put into something bloom into results is what makes us happy - both professionally and personally. Achievements come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from developing a disrupting platform to seeing your children grow up healthy.

At Request, we enable those who want to achieve something great in life. We do this by being open to and supporting anyone that wants to have an impact on the world by creating something they love.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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