Why Work at Request?

We believe in building the future of finance in the most decentralized way. Come join the team!


People all over the world should have full control in the management of their financial assets.

At Request, we are creating technology that allows people to own their financial data and break away from traditional financial platforms. We do this by building a protocol for the exchange of decentralized payment requests. This allows anyone, anywhere, to pay and get paid with confidence in a trustless environment.

We actively work together with leading innovators and organizations in the decentralized financial (DeFi) ecosystem. We provide open products, standards, and infrastructure to create these seamless financial experiences.

Being on the frontier of a new technology

Request is working in two areas that are considered by many as mystifying: FinTech and Blockchain. These ecosystems are also both in rapid and constant evolution. We are learning every day and we have a team of very curious and open-minded people.

Still, it can be quite challenging and we try to build a culture where knowledge and humbleness are key. We don’t have all the answers but we are committed to bringing our vision and mission to life.

We often use bleeding-edge technologies such as smart contracts in the Ethereum Blockchain and IPFS decentralized data storage. It's challenging but rewarding work.

Our development team follows agile practices. Every developer is an owner of our entire codebase. We're all responsible for our success


Our 4 core values have been decided collectively to represent everyone in the company. We believe that values are essential in a company as they are here to support our mission and help us make the right decisions for our future. Values are also principles that all team members have to believe in and help them in their growth within the organisation. Our mutual values are:

  • Freedom
  • Integrity
  • Knowledge
  • Energy

Meet the team

Get to know members of the team through interviews done by Web3creators.com

Julien, Head of Product

"From a $30M ICO to a B2B SaaS used by the biggest crypto startups."
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Christophe L., Co-founder & CEO

"Building in web3 is something we love but it’s also a pain in the ass. The technology stack is not…
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Darko, Blockchain Developer

"When you are a software engineer, the code speaks for itself."
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Laure, HR Manager

"If you expect people to be looking for your project and your job openings, you can wait for a long…
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Request Finance

Request Network

  1. Stock options

    We look for team members with a deep sense of entrepreneurship. It is only fair that they get the chance to become stakeholders.
  2. Annual budget

    The annual budget for your work equipment and complete autonomy on how to spend it: As a tech company you should have all the equipment you need to be efficient in your work.
  3. Co-working space reimbursed

    You are free to work wherever you want like at your home, in a garden or in a coffee shop. Whatever environment makes you work productively. If you choose to work in a coworking space, Request will reimburse it.
  4. Unlimited PTO and parental leave of 12 weeks

    You manage your holidays on your own. We don't have an approval process.
    We also provide a parental leave of 12 weeks no matter the gender or the seniority.
  5. Company gatherings

    We all meet together 3 times a year in a different city for one week straight. We choose the city as a team.
  6. Unlimited books budget

    Like to improve your skills by reading? We got you covered. All the books you want to read will be reimbursed by the company.
  7. Healthcare Insurance

    We will cover 100% of your healthcare insurance (individual or family).

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