Everything new about Request, all under one roof. Learn more about our organization and ambitions from the blog posts below.

Brice Sturms

Introducing Request API: Electronic invoicing made easy

Today we are releasing an early version of the API that makes it easy to create and read electronic invoices on Request. To support this release we are launching Request Dashboard -- the homepage for users to manage their accounts and access API keys. The API uses v2.0-beta of the protocol.

Adam Dowson

Request – Version 2.0 Testnet Beta Release 

In this blog post, we announce the release of the Request Protocol v2.0 beta, detail the progress that has been made and look at upcoming development.

Brice Sturms

Request at .tax Blockchain Hackathon

From the 5th to 7th of April, we attended the .tax blockchain hackathon in Latvia to solve the problem of VAT fraud at a countrywide level.

Christophe Fonteneau

Request Funds Gilded, a Start-Up Providing Crypto Payment Solutions for Businesses

The Request Foundation today announced that it has signed an investment agreement with Gilded.

Robbin Mazurel

A brand new Request

Today we are launching the new Request, with the help of Dept & Studio Dumbar.

Adam Dowson

Request Protocol – Version 2 Alpha Release 

Yoann Marion

The organization contributing to Request 

How COO Yoann Marion is restructuring Request to take the organization to the next level
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