Everything new about Request, all under one roof. Learn more about our organization and ambitions from the blog posts below.

Brice Sturms

Taking volatility out of crypto businesses with Dai invoice payments

Users of Request Invoicing can now get invoices paid in Dai - one of the premier stablecoins created by MakerDAO as a digital alternative to the US dollar.

Yoann Marion

Request Encryption Audit completed by Cure53

We present the encryption audit report written by Cure53. Our network allows end-to-end encryption invoices sharing, between multiple parties.

Robbin Mazurel

Now live – Pay & create payment requests from within the Gnosis Safe.

Pay & get paid in crypto without the risks of inputting the wrong Ethereum address - that’s now a possibility with our native integration into the Gnosis Safe Apps environment. 

Brice Sturms

Request Create now supporting stablecoins USDC, PAX, TUSD & DAI

We’re excited to better serve our users by enabling USDC, PAX, TUSD and DAI stablecoin requests.

Robbin Mazurel

Request AMA Questions & Answers – May 2020

All questions and answers from the Request AMA on Reddit, held April-May 2020.

Brice Sturms

$1,000,000 milestone reached, launching Request Create and Pay 

Today, we are proud to announce we’ve reached an important milestone: $1,000,000 in cryptocurrency has been transacted through the Request network.

Robbin Mazurel

Connecting to Request: a better experience for your users

At Request, we believe that simplifying the payment process is key. Sharing a payment request solves this, offering a fast and simple way to complete the payment in minutes.
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