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Brice Sturms

Automating your invoices through programmatic due dates

We change the paradigm of due dates with Request Invoicing by letting you automate what happens when payment of the invoice is overdue.

Brice Sturms

Losing time and energy on making sure the right invoices get paid? Not anymore

Request Invoicing gives the issuer of an invoice the option to cancel his invoice when needed, leaving no confusion on the status of the invoice.

Brice Sturms

Does getting paid in cryptocurrency give you anxiety? Here’s how to take it away

We have implemented a settings manager that includes a way to pre-define the wallet address to receive payments on.

Brice Sturms

Keep in full control of your business data through encrypted cryptocurrency invoices

Request Invoicing gives you full control over who can & can not see your invoice data. This is done by encrypting the invoices you issue before broadcasting them on Ethereum. 

Brice Sturms

Keep accounting in your native currency, do business in digital currencies

Instead of letting businesses specify the amount they want to receive only in cryptocurrency, we now let the business denominate an invoice in USD, EUR or GBP.

Brice Sturms

A simple dashboard to keep track of all your cryptocurrency invoices

Moving away from manual inputs in large spreadsheets while monitoring payment confirmations on explorers like Etherscan, Request Invoicing is an invoicing system that includes a visual dashboard for you to quickly see which invoices are awaiting payment & have been paid.

Christophe Lassuyt

Request in 2020: our focus and strategy

We aim at giving an overview of what we are currently focusing on and what we can expect for the future.
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