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Sean Palit

NEW: xDai and Request Partnership. Request becomes multi-chain for scalability with xDai Stable Chain

Request becomes multi-chain with xDai Stable Chain as the first Ethereum scaling solution that Request implements

Sean Palit

Request AMA with John Ennis, Biz Dev Lead at Gnosis (Transcript)

AMA with Gnosis covering key topics including the Gnosis Safe product, its use case, and our partnership. Read the full transcript.

Julien Devoir

NEW: Reputation System Ver. 1.0 + $GRT and ILS

New in Request Invoicing: Reputation System Ver. 1.0, plus $GRT and ILS added as currencies for the app.

Sean Palit

NEW: NEAR and Request in Collaboration. Adding NEAR Tokens on Request Invoicing

NEAR is listed on Request Invoicing, bringing another token from a world-class dApp and blockchain platform to the Request ecosystem.

Sean Palit

Request Network (REQ) : le réseau de facturation crypto

Request est un réseau ouvert dédié à la facturation. Il permet d'émettre et de recevoir des paiements en cryptomonnaies facilement, tout en gardant le contrôle de ses données financières et en facilitant sa comptabilité

Julien Devoir

NEW: Attach files to an invoice + 2 New Cryptos (OCEAN and MPH)

New in Request Invoicing: Attach Files to an Invoice + 2 New Cryptocurrencies (OCEAN and MPH)

Christophe Lassuyt

5 Invoicing Challenges that Request is Tackling with Blockchain Technology

5 Invoicing Challenges that Request is Tackling with Blockchain Technology
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