Everything new about Request, all under one roof. Learn more about our organization and ambitions from the blog posts below.

Robbin Mazurel

Gawin joins Request as Chief Technology Officer

Gawin joins as the new CTO (Chief Technology Officer) on Request’s executive team.

Brice Sturms

New in Request for Payment: Email Notification

You can now easily notify the payer of your Request for Payment so that you can get paid more quickly.

Robbin Mazurel

Request AMA – October 2019

All questions and answers from the Request AMA, held on Friday the 4th of October - 2019.

Robbin Mazurel

Introducing the Request Academy

The one-stop shop to learn everything about the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and how you can use both to improve your financial flows and accounting processes.

Brice Sturms

Announcing Request For Payment update

The Request for Payment app has been updated to simplify using cryptocurrency for business, allowing you to send Requests for Payment as easily as an email.

Adam Dowson

Request – Version 2.0 Mainnet Released

We have launched v2.0 of the Request Protocol on the Ethereum mainnet! V2.0 acts as the fundamental infrastructure of Request moving forward.

Brice Sturms

Introducing Request API: Electronic invoicing made easy

Today we are releasing an early version of the API that makes it easy to create and read electronic invoices on Request. To support this release we are launching Request Dashboard -- the homepage for users to manage their accounts and access API keys. The API uses v2.0-beta of the protocol.
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