Introducing Our Referral Program: Invite Friends and Get Rewarded

👋 Request enthusiasts,

We’ve been continually receiving great feedback from our users, to which many of them would highly recommend Request Invoicing.

The more people use Request Invoicing, the simpler it becomes for everyone to receive and make payments in crypto.

This led us to the launch of our Referral Program that benefits both the referrer and the referred.

You can now earn $25 in $REQ for every referral that gets their first invoice paid in crypto. In addition, your referrals can earn $10 in $REQ after having their first invoice paid in crypto.

Invite friends and businesses to simplify their crypto invoicing experience with Request Invoicing


Join our Referral Program:

  • Start inviting freelancers and businesses to sign up for free
  • Earn $25 of REQ tokens for every referral using Request Invoicing
  • View your dashboard to track how many referrals signed up and got their first invoice paid
  • Your referral also earns $10 of REQ tokens after issuing their first invoice paid

Here’s how you can grab your “invite link” and start sharing:

  1. Log in to your Request account
  2. Click on your Profile at the bottom left of your screen
  3. Then, click on the “Earn $REQ” button
  4. Copy and share your “invite link” to your contacts
  5. Start earning your REQ tokens!

Please read the Terms and Conditions for the Referral Program 

Know anyone who would love using Request Invoicing?

Invite freelancers and businesses to Request Invoicing for free.


Sean P.

Growth Marketer at Request