New in Request Invoicing: Pay with Stripe πŸ’³


πŸ‘‹ Request enthusiasts,

For a long time, users have expressed the desire to allow their clients to pay using traditional payment rails, like bank transfers and credit cards in addition to our existing cryptocurrency payment options.

Stripe, one of the leading payment processors in the world, has been integrated into Request invoicing.

This integration will allow businesses to connect Request Invoicing with their Stripe accounts to receive payments for their invoices directly to their chosen bank account. In addition, the payments will be logged in Stripe’s dashboard, allowing them to access all of their fiat payments in one place and take advantage of Stripe’s other existing integrations.

From a payer’s perspective, they can now make a payment using Stripe industry leading payment modal, supporting both credit cards and bank transfers.


Needless to say, this release is a real game changer and brings us a step closer to building an invoicing system that is compatible with both traditional and Web3 based finance.

Also in this release:

  • πŸ”’ Updated the invoice numbering convention to be more precise
  • πŸ“… Added the ability to change the invoice creation date
  • ⏫ Added the ability to filter by sent or received invoices
  • 🏦 Added bank information to the PDF receipt
  • πŸ”₯ 22 bug fixes and performance updates

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Now is better than ever before to take advantage of cryptocurrency for your business.

Julien Devoir

Product at Request