New in Request Invoicing: Save a draft πŸ“‹ + Duplicate an invoice πŸ“Ž


Hello Request enthusiasts,

When creating an invoice, you can’t always complete the process in one go. Sometimes you do not have all of the relevant information and need to contact your client. Other times life calls and you need to leave your computer and come back later.

With the new feature of saving your incomplete features as a draft, you can rest assured that your progress is not lost and that you can come right back to your invoice whenever you can, baking in flexibility to your invoicing flow.


Speaking of flexibility, we all know the painful feeling of having to refill repetitive forms and repeat processes. No one likes to waste their time!

To unblock users who issue similar invoices frequently we are now offering the ability to duplicate an invoice.

Simply click on the invoice, press the duplicate button and you have a pre-filled template to reissue or adjust as needed.


Also in this release:

  • ❗ Payer no longer needs an account to access and pay an invoice
  • πŸ—„ Link to PDF receipt included in CSV export
  • πŸ”₯13 bug fixes and performance updates

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Thank you,


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