Losing time and energy on making sure the right invoices get paid? Not anymore


Whether you are a freelancer, working for a small business or at a big corporate, running a business is hard.

You want to focus on making your business work, which often requires your full attention and dedication. Having to deal with faulty or duplicate invoices is not something you should lose energy on.

Request Invoicing solves this by giving the issuer of an invoice the option to cancel his invoice when needed. Cancelling an invoice automatically voids the ability to pay, updating the status on both the issuer & recipients’ side, leaving no confusion on the status of the invoice.

How does it work?

Nine out of ten of the times you create an invoice, it will be without any manual errors on your end. But there is always that time where you misspelt something or put in the wrong amount to be paid.

With Request Invoicing, after having created your invoice, you can cancel it if necessary. This is done by clicking on “cancel invoice” using the options menu next to each invoice.


Before cancelling (which voids the invoice), you have the option to specify exactly why. This way, the recipient of the invoice gets notified about the cancellation with additional information, so that the next steps are clear.


As each Request-based invoice acts as a single source of truth, after cancelling the invoice gets it’s status changed to cancelled on both the issuer & recipients’ dashboard.

Payment options of cancelled invoices are instantly disabled.



Request Invoicing is currently live in closed beta. Are you a freelancer, or do you own a business and want to shape the way digital currency invoicing is heading?

Sign up to our beta waitlist here.