Keep in full control of your business data through encrypted cryptocurrency invoices


Using cryptocurrency as a means of payment for international business transactions offers great advantages. Reduced fees, fast settlement and no third party that can delay (or worse; freeze) your transactions are valid reasons to prefer crypto over traditional bank payments.

Storing the context of all your business trades (and secrets) on a public blockchain, on the other hand, isn’t a great idea in most cases.

Request Invoicing gives you full control over who can & can not see your invoice data. This is done by encrypting the invoices you issue before broadcasting them on Ethereum.

That way, only you and the people you grant access can see the invoice and underlying information.

Are all invoices I issue through Request encrypted?

Request Invoicing is a product that allows you or your business to get paid in cryptocurrency. To get paid, all you need to do is fill out the invoice details, specify the recipients’ email address and create the invoice.

As of today, all invoices that are created through Request Invoicing are by default encrypted using the Request networks’ encryption feature, which was recently audited by Cure53.

This means your invoice data won’t be accessible by anyone but yourself and the person or business you issue an invoice to, as only you hold the keys to “unlock” the data.

No more worrying about storing data out in the open on public blockchains. Start accepting crypto as a means of payment for your business today.



Request Invoicing is currently live in closed beta. Are you a freelancer, or do you own a business and want to shape the way digital currency invoicing is heading?

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