Now live – Pay & create payment requests from within the Gnosis Safe.


Pay & get paid in crypto without the risks of inputting the wrong Ethereum address – that’s now a possibility with our native integration into the Gnosis Safe Apps environment.

As part of the first batch of natively supported apps, you can now create, share and pay crypto payment requests straight from your Gnosis Safe Multisig account.

Let’s get you on track.

Signing in (or register with) Gnosis Safe.

To use Requests’ app inside of the Gnosis Safe, you have to be a Gnosis Safe user first. If you haven’t already, create a Gnosis Safe Multisig.


You’re ready to go.

Provided you went through the onboarding process successfully (or already had a Multisig set-up), it’s now time to create your first crypto payment request using the integrated Request app.

The first thing you want to do is go to the Apps tab within the Gnosis Safe. It’s the option after Assets & Transactions. Can’t find it? Use the highlighted screenshot below.


Within the Apps tab, you’ll be served with the first batch of natively supported applications by the Gnosis Safe team.

Among the list, you’ll find popular DeFi products & services such as Aave, Compound, PoolTogether, OpenZeppelin and Synthetix who will release their app soon. Click on the Request app to get started with your first crypto payment request.

Time to create your first request.


Clicking on the Request tab opens up the app. Here you will find:

  • Go to my dashboard: This link allows you to move to your Request dashboard. More information provided below.
  • Amount: The amount field allows you to specify exactly how much you want to request from the payer.
  • Currency: The currency dropdown allows you to pick any of the supported currencies available. The app currently supports DAI, ETH, USDC, PAX & TUSD. Want to use the app but need a different currency? Let us know.
  • Address: The optional address allows you to input the payer’s Ethereum (or ENS) address, in case you know this address in advance. Associating an address here allows the payer to automatically detect & pay incoming payment requests from within their dashboard.
  • Reason: The optional reason allows you to contextualize your payment requests. This has two benefits: First, you can input information aimed at the payer of the request, making sure they understand & agree what they’re paying for. Second, contextualizing your crypto transactions will do wonders when tax season arrives. Never forget what that incoming payment was for anymore.
  • Create Request: This button does exactly what it says. Notice creating a request is free. Only costs involved for the payer are regular transaction gas fees, associated with using the Ethereum network.

🎉 Congratulations, you’ve just created your very first crypto payment request! 🎉

Time to get it paid!

As an example, below is what a successfully created request looks like after signing the transaction successfully. Ready to share!


Notice that the request has, right next to its details, specific actions you can now take.

  • Share this request serves you with a payment link, which you can share through the channel of your choice (email, Whatsapp, Telegram – you name it) with the person/company that owes you crypto. We’ve created a payment environment highly focused on user experience, to make sure you get paid quick.
  • Cancel this request allows you to cancel your payment request.

Now that you’ve created your first request successfully ánd shared it with the person that needs to pay you, there’s one thing left to do: monitoring your dashboard to watch all your requests getting paid, in real-time.

The dashboard


After using request, this is going to be your go-to place to see exactly what is happening with your open payment requests through automatic payment detection.

Of course, you can also find back details associated with each open and paid request later down the road.

Compatible with Request Create, Multis and others


Do you or the people you do business with not have a Gnosis Safe Multisig account? No problem.

The Gnosis Safe App is built to be fully compatible with Request Create, Multis and all other products that connect to the Request network. This allows you and/or your client to pay & create crypto payment requests with the products of your choice.

Create your first payment request here.



Interested in using crypto payment requests but want more business information to be included, resulting in creating & paying full business invoices?

Get free early access to a new invoicing product we’re launching soon by signing up on this page.