Request Create now supporting stablecoins USDC, PAX, TUSD & DAI


Request Create is designed to make it easy to request documented cryptocurrency transactions.

We believe in the power of choice, and want our users to be able to use the tool in a way that best conforms and supports their business.

With this emphasis on giving users choice, we are happy to announce an update to Request Create: the ability to request payment in stablecoins ????

What stablecoins are supported?

Out of the gates, we will be supporting USDC, PAX and TUSD. This is in addition to the already supported DAI.


We’re excited to better serve our users and unlock businesses across the globe to use cryptocurrency for their operations.

Also in this release:

  • ???? Added a new date format and UI improvements to the dashboard
  • ???? Added key information to the downloadable PDF receipt
  • ❗Added an Overpaid status
  • ???? 12 bug fixed and performance improvements

Create your own request for payment for free here.


Thank you,


Product Manager at Request