$1,000,000 milestone reached, launching Request Create and Pay 


Today, we are proud to announce we’ve reached an important milestone: $1,000,000 in cryptocurrency has been transacted through the Request network.

We want to thank all of the users who have trusted Request’s technology to power their cryptocurrency transactions. We are incredibly privileged to have the support of individuals and organizations throughout the world who are focused on innovation and using the latest technology to improve their operations.

With the bulk of the transactions happening over the past 12 months, we have analyzed the network usage over this time span to better understand how users interacted with our technology.

Some of the key takeaways:

  • The total volume of transactions is increasing on average 21% a month
  • The appetite for stable tokens has steadily increased from 33% of total transactions paid to 85%

On the road to leveraging blockchain and crypto to make businesses more efficient, we understand that accessibility is a major hurdle. The technology exists, but what’s lacking are the tools that make cryptocurrency usable in our day-to-day lives.

We started to tackle this usability issue by releasing a Request for Payment update – the easiest way to create a documented cryptocurrency transaction. This app allowed businesses to easily create requests for payment to harness cryptocurrencies inherent qualities: privacy, near-instant transfers and low fees.

The reception of this product has been very positive and it is a driving force behind the increasing volume on our network. Because of the value brought to its users, we have decided to rebuild this application.

Launching Request Create: Building further on the success of its predecessor.Image

To continue our journey of network growth and to provide an even better experience to the users that have been using the original application, we’ve deconstructed the original tool and rebuilt it from the ground up. Meet Request Create – A simple way to get paid in crypto.

Powered by v2 of the Request protocol, Request Create builds upon the core value adds of its predecessor with the following improvements:

  • Open Requests – a request for payment can be created without specifying a payer; simply enter the amount and a payment link will be generated for you to send to the payer via email, SMS, or any other messaging service
  • Gas abstraction – a user does not need to pay a gas fee to create a request for payment, lowering the barriers and eliminating the need to hold ETH to use the network

Supporting the launch of Request Create, we have been hunted on Product Hunt by Kat Mañalac, partner at YCombinator.

We would highly appreciate it if you could test the product for yourself and give us feedback in the discussion section. This way we can further improve Request Create to become useful in your day-to-day life.

A trusted payment environment: Request Pay

As part of launching Request Create, we are also launching another application: Request Pay.

A new foundational product to our ecosystem, Request Pay will allow individuals or businesses to easily pay requests for payments in the cryptocurrency of their choice. Compatible with your preferred payment method, it represents a trusted, yet open environment that provides a consistent payment experience across many use cases.


This page is defined by its paradoxes. It is flexible yet consistent, able to power use cases ranging from e-commerce to point-of-sales with the same user experience. It is open yet consolidated, letting users choose the Web3 wallet they want while always connecting to the open network for transaction requests.

It represents the future of commerce; a tool flexible enough to unlock cryptocurrency for businesses and individuals, anywhere in the world.

In Summary

Since our inception, we have believed that cryptocurrency and blockchain have the potential to break the shackles of our current financial system.

It can create a world centred around freedom, the individual and inclusivity. We see a future that is borderless, where sending money is as easy as sending a text message. From New York to Lagos. Seoul to Amsterdam.

But what’s lacking are the tools that make cryptocurrency usable in our day-to-day lives. This keeps us from realizing this vision’s full potential.

The introduction of Request Create and Pay is the beginning of our contribution towards that goal; feel free to test it yourself and let us know what you think.



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