Connecting to Request: a better experience for your users


Today we are excited to release a page tailored towards product owners, highlighting the benefits Request brings to your users when connecting your product to the Request network. We have already received commitments from multiple wallets & asset management tools to offer Request to their users by connecting to the network. Are you interested in offering your users with a better crypto payment experience too? Read on.

To showcase the product experience when interfacing with Request via an integration, we’ve created an example video that takes you through both the creation & payment flows from a user’s perspective. In this video, we highlight Gnosis Safe – one of the companies we’re working together with to integrate Request, as a Gnosis Safe App.

Get paid more quickly with Request

At Request, we believe that simplifying the payment process when using cryptocurrency is key for the user. Currently, asking a friend to pay you back for that morning croissant is quite annoying after repeating your receiving wallet address more than a handful of times.

Sharing a payment request solves this, offering your friend a fast and simple way to complete the payment in minutes.


Taking away the need for remembering complicated blockchain addresses

A big barrier to adoption of crypto in our day-to-day lives are the wallet addresses, which are long, complicated and not very human-readable. While projects like ENS and IOV already improve this by providing naming services, we took it a step further and abstracted the entire need for inputting the payer’s blockchain address when requesting cryptocurrency. Requests for payment can be created & shared without specifying the payer’s address – just put in the amount you want to receive and share a payment link with the payer – voila.

Do you know the address of the payer? Specify the payer’s address to enable automatic detection of incoming payment requests in any web3 wallet or asset management tool that has already integrated Request.

This open & interoperable product ecosystem is what DeFi is all about and prioritizes users above all. Request enables an open & interoperable product ecosystem for sharing & paying requests.


Onboarding new users into crypto by creating a trusted payment environment

When sharing your payment request there is a high chance the payer doesn’t know what to do. That’s why every request that is created comes with a link that directs the payer to Request Pay.

Request Pay is a page dedicated to offering a great experience for end-users that are fulfilling payment requests. Similar to Paypal, Request Pay brings a trusted payment environment to the payer, always offering the same experience when fulfilling a payment request with one of the supported wallets.


Leading the way

To lead you in the right direction, we’ve created step-by-step guides on our documentation page. When followed, these guides make connecting to the Request network easy and intuitive.

Do you still require some additional support? Make sure to connect with us on our developer hub or by filling out the contact form.