New in Request for Payment: Proper Crypto Invoices + Send a Payment 

These past weeks we’ve been hard at work integrating feedback to make it easier to use cryptocurrency for business. This has culminated in 2 features that we are excited to share: the ability to create a Proper Invoice and Send a Payment

Proper Invoices 👨‍💻


As a business, using the right format for your invoices is key. It allows your bookkeeping to be consistent and makes sure all of your financial flows are properly documented.

In this release, we’re introducing an invoice template that allows you to record your transactions in a format that follows accounting norms and store them on the decentralized Request network for transactions.

Sending decentralized invoices in cryptocurrency is now easier than ever before — see for yourself here.

Send a Payment ⤴️

Sometimes you simply want to send a payment. Whether to an address you’ve frequently done business with or as a donation to your favorite nonprofit, you want to send the funds but also keep track of why you sent them.

With our new Send a Payment feature you can send cryptocurrency payments and annotate them to make sure your records remain up to date.

Also in this release:

  • 👛 Simplified wallet connection UI
  • 📈 The ability to sort on the dashboard
  • 📱 Optimized UI for Mobile
  • 💸 Upgraded to Maker DAO Multi-collateral Dai
  • 🚀 16 UI fixes and performance enhancements

If you have any feedback or want to sign up for a demo, please email us here. 😊

Thank you,
Product Manager at Request


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