Request’s support for Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD)


To all Request users

As an early supporter of the Dai stablecoin, we would like to keep you updated on the upgrade made to the MakerDAO protocol. The biggest effect of this upgrade is the introduction of a new Dai stablecoin. The Request protocol and products will reflect these changes.

The release of Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD) by MakerDAO will replace Single-Collateral Dai (SCD) and introduces new terminology to reflect these changes. The original stablecoin will rename from Dai to Sai, as these are generated with single collateral. All newly MCD-generated Dai will be named Dai.

To learn about all changes made, MakerDAO has written a detailed post.

Timeline of changes

  • On November 18, Request renamed Dai to Sai on its v1 library & Request for Payment product.
  • On November 19, Request will start supporting (the new) Dai on its v1 library and Request for Payment product.



Next to the changes made to Request, MakerDAO has launched its migration portal where you can swap your Sai to (the new) Dai, starting from November 18th 16:00 UTC.

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