New in Request for Payment: Pending status & custom names


When you create a Request for Payment, it can be hard to know when it has been successfully posted to the blockchain. Users often wait on the status page for it to confirm, resulting in wasted time (and anxiety!).

Pending status

To solve this we’ve introduced a new status: Pending. 

Now you can create a Request and continue to go about your business–we’ll notify you when your Request for Payment has been successfully created.




Custom Labels

Another bit of feedback that we have consistently received is that it’s hard to manage multiple wallet addresses–the strings are complicated and hard to associate with an actual person or business.

With our new custom naming feature, you can assign names to different wallet addresses to more easily manage your cryptocurrency flows.




Also in this release:

  • 💲 Show current USD value of a Request for Payment
  • 📊 Improved UI for the dashboard
  • 📣 UI indication when on Testnet
  • 🚀 4 fixes and performance enhancements



  • If you know of any businesses that are currently using cryptocurrency for their financial flows, we’d love to speak with them; please fill out this form so that we can get in touch with them.

If you have any feedback, please email us here. 😊


Thank you,
Product Manager at Request


P.s. We’ve just broken $600.000 transacted through the Request network, with a sizable amount using Request for Payment. Onward!



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