New in Request for Payment: Email Notification


Hi Request-ians,

When you create a Request for Payment, it’s not always easy to notify the recipient that your request is ready. The result is a decrease in your cash flow and delays that can drag on for weeks.

With this update, you can now easily notify the payer of your Request for Payment so that you can get paid more quickly.

Simply click on the send an email button, enter the recipient’s email address and we’ll handle the rest.


Also in this release:

  • 📂 UX improvements on the downloadable PDF receipt
  • 🚀 6 fixes and performance enhancements


  • If you know of any businesses who are currently using cryptocurrency for their financial flows, we’d love to speak with them. They can email [email protected] to get in touch

If you have any feedback, please email us here. 😊

Thank you,

Product Manager at Request


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