Announcing Request For Payment update


Today we are announcing an updated version of the Request for Payment app – the easiest way to create a documented cryptocurrency transaction.

With the app you can start sending and requesting payments using cryptocurrencies in three easy steps, unlocking you to spend less time on payments and more time on running your business.

What’s the big deal?

Using cryptocurrency for payments offers some clear advantages; privacy, instant transfers, low fees and more.

But using it for your business can be intimidating. From copy-pasting complex strings to keeping track of exactly what amount of funds you sent where. There is a lot to think about.

When you’re sending funds you could be stressed not knowing whether you inputted the end recipient’s address perfectly. And when the payment has been received you can be left waiting for confirmation or worrying about how you’re going to report the transaction to your accounting department.

On the days you do bookkeeping you can be faced with sifting through transaction ID numbers, trying to match what the funds were used for and to who they were sent. And when it comes to accounting, these small details are critical to keeping your books compliant and up to date.

With Request for Payment, you can start using cryptocurrency for your business in three easy steps: create a request, share it and get paid.


And with records of these payments stored immutably on the Request network, you can have peace of mind knowing that the history of your financial flows will always be accessible whenever you need them.

What does it look like?

No matter who you are doing business with, you need to make sure that your tools are efficient and intuitive to use. The Request for Payment app has been updated to simplify using cryptocurrency for business, allowing you to send Requests for Payment as easily as an email.


Our dashboard makes it easy to see a timeline of your transactions, and with a single click, you can access a detailed overview of each individual entry and download a PDF receipt for your records.


Why should I use cryptocurrency for my business?

This is your chance to upgrade the way you do business and take part in the future of borderless commerce. No more expensive international fees, limiting business hours or payment delays due to banks being closed. With the Request for Payment app, you can take back control of your payments and do business your way.

After having used app.request almost daily for the past 5 months, I can safely say that the app does what it is meant to do; it lets us easily and accurately distribute funds for bounties and grants programs, while maintaining a clear and transparent record of our disbursements. — Rich Brown, Head of Community Development, MakerDAO

Join the other businesses who have processed over $450,000 and 1200+ transactions through over the past 6-months and see exactly how this new generation of technology can improve the way you work.



If you have feedback, want to request a feature or simply want to say hello, get in touch by contacting us at [email protected].