A brand new Request


Today we are launching the new Request, with the help of Dept & Studio Dumbar.

Today we are excited to launch the new Request brand. Rolling out the new brand, we are introducing a refreshed name, logo, identity and website. Rebranding is the first step of a bigger educational project, with the goal of giving more clarity and understanding of what Request is and what our core values are. It lays a foundation for targeting a more mainstream audience of developers and partners, both in- and outside of the blockchain industry.

The main brand name becomes Request, removing Network from the name and its associated logo. As the word network was often used in reference to the protocol, it was a frequent source of confusion. Keeping the main brand short and simple resolves this, while also giving us the flexibility to create distinct sub-brands later on.


To create the new Request brand, we have been working hand in hand with Dept and Studio Dumbar over the past 8 months. Together we have gone through all stages of brand creation; from strategy and positioning to the creation of the new brand identity and website.

The Request Identity System

The new identity system is more than just a new logo. The system contains a series of brand & design elements, which when used together increases consistency, flexibility and recognizability of the Request brand.

A new set of logos and colors for Request

With the new brand comes a new logo. While we quite liked the old logo, it often limited us from designing distinct products and visuals. Going through multiple rounds of logo designs from Studio Dumbar, we’ve decided on a logo that stays true to the original logo philosophy while taking away its limitations. The new logo mark is:

  • Easily recognizable
  • Still resembles our brand when not used in combination with the brand name
  • Two-tone instead of full color gradient, making it more useable for both on- and offline design

Main logo

The new logo of Request comes in two versions; regular and alternative. The regular version showing Request right next to the mark, while the alternative version shows the name below the mark. This is done to make sure the Request logo is used consistently, no matter the context of where it is used.
For example, using the regular version in a square frame would make the logo unnecessarily small. The alternate version would suit better in this situation, using the frame as efficient as possible.


Secondary logos

And while the main logo is green, there are three secondary color palettes the logo can adapt to. Multiple palettes give the brand much more flexibility when creating campaigns or setting up new sub-brands. This way, the Request brand stays fresh, while keeping consistent with the identity system.

A black & white version of the logo is available for when color usage is limited.


Color palettes

The full range of colors, both for digital and print looks like this.


Visual language

Together with the new sets of logos, Studio Dumbar has developed a visual language that supports our designs, making the brand more identifiable. In its most basic form, the visual language boils down to three steps.


Combining the arrow-shaped visual language with the color palette, there are four color combinations to use. When creating new designs, we aim at using the full combination to increase contrast. Arrows are rotated at increments of 45 degrees.


The identity system, when used to its full potential, introduces an endless range of possibilities in branding. It keeps the brand fresh when introducing something new, while still staying recognizable as Request.

Some examples of the identity system in action shown below!



The new typeface adopted at Request is called Beatrice, which we are now using in the logo, for the new website and all other designs. As the logomark itself was designed looking solid, the typeface is there to balance. To learn everything about the design philosophy behind the typeface, make sure to read the in-depth construction post on the typefaces’ product page.

Launching our new website

The very first touchpoint where the completely new brand identity of Request comes together is on our new website! Make sure to play around with the new website, discover what’s new and ask us anything.


To further strengthen Request, the website will be expanded with new information over time including new documentation, tutorials and products. Are you missing something on the website? Let us know by contacting the team on Discord or through the contact form.


– Robbin Mazurel